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Is it nice in your snow storm

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Is it nice in your snow storm

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Woot, finally happy with the Sphlynx. One down. :) Never done a snowy scene before, really, so this was a fun challenge. Plus this is an awfully cute muse of mine, who manifests as in a few different forms in Full Circle. S/He hasn't shown up yet, but s/he will. But this is what hir spirit looks like.

Sphlynxes aren't dangerous, unless you really really offend them. They can be very vindictive in those cases, but it's hard to do as they're generally very easy going. But they are clever, playful, and mischievously. They're very fond of puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions and tend towards being artistic. They're very good listeners, and keepers of secrets. They're also very gender fluid.

Some of my Sphlynx's favorite music:

Culture Club
Tracy Chapman
Pink Floyd (usually when in a melancholy mood)

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