January 22nd, 2007

Medusas's Owl



The comic was up on time, but I forgot to post about the update here! Sorry, we have a sick critter and she's being very distracting, poor thing. Hopefully Daphne the bunny will be eating on her own again soon, and we won't be quite so manic around here.

You wouldn't believe how much erasing took place on panel 2. I love the doorway shot, but pulling it off in a masculine way proved harder than I could have possibly imagined. :P Apparently, guys tend to bend the leg closer to the frame being leaned on while women tend to bend the leg furthest. I'm sure that's not always true, but that appears to be the case here. Anyway, I think we finally got it.

Also, new art piece up on www.bluegorgon.com for those interested! One near and dear to my heart. :) The shop is updated over there too, though I need to get more Full Circle items up, namely character totems and perhaps an Eryk or Hamoth shirt or two. Suggestions welcome!
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