March 22nd, 2007

Medusas's Owl

See you in hell, Pachelbel!

Still trying to retrieve data! So here's an amusing goodie! Relevant because Eryk actually cracked a smile (I know, right?) and other Skunk incarnations laughed. See, he only tends to like 2 kinds of music... classical, preferably with lots of violin, and alternative as well as some classic rock. This vid explains the connection there nicely, lol! Also, someone close to the Skunk is linked to the cello the way he is the violin, so extra amusing. Eryk's rather fond of Pachelbel's Canon in D when he's in the mood for it. Maybe because none of his incarnations played the cello. ;) Although he much prefers more intense darker string music as a rule.

When developing a character, even a character who doesn't play an instrument as Eryk doesn't, it's fun/helpful to imagine what sort of instrument would suit them if they DID play an instrument. What would they like the feel and sound of? What kind of music would they play? Food for thought. :)