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"He IS crazy, Adrian."


New comic page up! Sorry the coloring is so inconsistant from page to page, I'm really trying to figure out a style that looks nice but is quick enough to do that I can catch up more easily and perhaps update more often. Mad scientist experiments. Opinions welcomed and encouraged.

Have I mentioned that Eryk is fun to draw? He just really is. I'm especially pleased with his expression in the last panel. ;) I just wanna pinch his cheek he's so cute, but I'm pretty sure that I'd lose fingers that way. If I'm lucky. ;P It might be worth the initial adorably stunned confused "Wtf?!" look on his face though. The baby is still crying, he's pretty colicky, I just forgot to add in the background sound effect. It'd probably have been distracting though anyway.

Also, new styles and items in the shop! The Full Circle section includes more totems now, including the totems of the authors, and a few characters we have yet to meet in the comic! Check it out for a sneak peek! And lots more totems to come over there too.

On an unrelated note, one of our animals has been really sick and has had to have two surgeries in the last couple of months. Teeth pulled, giant bladder stone, force feedings, 5 different meds, injections at home... She's doing much better, but her care has been incredibly expensive. We're pretty cleaned out. If you're interested in donating, here's a link to Daphne's new Cafepress shop! All proceeds go to the care of the author's bunny rabbit in need. And when we catch up on the vet debt, the proceeds from the shop will then go to our local rabbit rescue. (warning, adoptable bunnies on that site are dangerously cute. You've been warned.)
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