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Comic is up!

Since the crash I lost the font I was using, although I think this one looks rather nice. We'll be experimenting with that. We also have richer colors etc on our monitor, so you should see a difference there too. I'm very interested to hear what you guys think of the change. And again, thanks for your patience! Technology is fun like that. But hopefully with the new faster and functional computer, we can get these babies cranked out more often!

~After Adrian got the baby to go to sleep, Eryk returned to the room with him while Adrian left.

~Yes, Eryk is rocking the cradle. He also stopped as soon as he realized Rocksi was awake. He'd rather noone saw him doing that.

~I don't know what he's reading, but Eryk would read a phone book if it was all that was available at this point. The books Rocksi has handy are probably about that exciting.

~Whatever they may make of Adrian, neither of them like the prospect of being stuck with each other at all.

~I'm borrowing the lj-cut commentary idea from friendlyhostile, which is a delightful comic! Also, it's a practical way to do non-spoilering commentary. From here on in, assume anything after the cut should be read after the comic itself. ;)
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