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Into the Dark


We're back, and here is the belated accompanying post that was promised! I don't know why the comment box on the site isn't working, nor do I know how to fix it. Hopefully it'll snap out of it soon.

~ Our first real glimpse of Cosimanos! Adrian is entering the notorious Dark Athenaeum, which is the central building of the Dark area of Cosimanos. It's a vast and enormous library full of information with very old and powerful as well as young novice Dark Keepers alike studying and meeting there. Yes, those are bookshelves.

~Behind Adrian in frame 1 and 2 you can catch glimpses of the Life and Light Athenaeums. They're enormous and honestly in panel 1 I've shrunk the circumference down a bit of the Dark Ath so we could show a bit more of that world as well as demonstrate the shape.

~The symbol above the entrance and on the floor is the official symbol of the Dark Assembly.

~Technically, people of any alignment can enter any Ath. However... that doesn't mean they're welcome. The Light is the polar opposite of the Dark, and Adrian will stick out like a sore thumb here. A sore thumb with a luminous target painted on it. And yes, he's well aware. Hence the earlier skepticism of Eryk and Rocksi. Also why Rocksi was surprised to see Adrian with a Dark apprentice. It's a pretty unusual pairing.

~The sky in Cosimanos is always that color. Or colors, rather. It doesn't have day or night or seasons, anything like that. It's magically designed and charged to handle the endless alien diversity of it's Keepers and provide an inhabitable place for them to shop, study, and meet. It wasn't intended to be lived in, but people do in fact live there. Many out of inns in the area of their alignment, and some going as far as to set up actual private homes.
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