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"No man is rich enough to buy back his past" ~ Oscar Wilde


I'm really really pleased with how this page turned out. This is how I plan to do the Dark Ath. background from now on, this method. I'm gonna practice capturing the atmosphere of the other Athenaeums before we get there in the comic so I don't do the whole sketchy all over the place thing again. Speaking of sketchy though, I'm including some rough sketches of Eryk's father in this update today, as I've had him on the brain and he's fun to draw. :)

~Panel 2 makes me giggle. ^_^ I also love that Adrian is too sweet/polite to answer that question.
~Hamoth is about 5'5 and Adrian is about 5'9, for the record. Eryk's about 5.8, but the thick hair makes him look about the same height as Adrian.
~That's probably as close to disturbed as Adrian's expression gets. Kinda concerned/disturbed, lol.

Some rough headshots of Eryk's father, with an Eryk sketch for good measure. He got those cheekbones and curly hair from somewhere! You can especially see the resemblance in that first pic, in my opinion. The annoyed/pissed off look there that we're used to seeing Eryk make.

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