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Update time!


Last comic of the year! Plus a fangirlish bonus. :)

~Major problem with this particular page -aside from being distracted in general- is that this is the first time we're using the concept of private telepathy, where you can control who hears you and who doesn't. Still not quite sure how to go about making clear who's in or out of the loop at any given time. Working on it, it's pretty experimental currently.

~Eryk is annoyed and bored out of his mind. Adrian's diplomacy/pacifist nature, Rocksi's deadpan eternal patience, he's had it with all of them. He's got nothing against the baby though.

~Ah, Qetu, there's a story for another day. :3

Bonus: I'm kinda obsessing on Blue Man Group right now, so here's a vid of theirs with Gavin Rossdale who always reminds me of Eryk. A rather slim Eryk that sings and smiles sometimes. In fact, the first time I saw Gavin Rossdale on TV he was dressed all in black and had his hair colored bright red. It blew my mind, because he looked so much like a human Eryk! ;) Enjoy! And Happy Holidays.


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