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Owls, Snakes, and Gorgons, oh my

Lets Make a Deal


New page up! And I think that we're going to start doing telepathy this way more, using color. I tried using our cloud bubbles for this page, and it was an incomprehensible mess so KW came up with this solution. I like it!

~I've said it before, and I'll say it again... These two are fun to draw. Hamoth is such a nut.

~Behold the giant floating head of Hamoth!

~So far, we've mostly been doing the generic "get to know the world and the chars" sort of thing. We're still doing that, but we're starting to delve more into where people draw their moral lines. I'm very curious about what people will make of Eryk as time goes on. Very very curious. We've seen who he used to be once in Alex, which is still a part of him. Many lifetimes have happened between then and now, including the current one.

~It's a bit sad that the colors that best suit Eryk -red and green- are exactly the ones that he's colorblind to.

~We chose yellow for Hamoth's telepathic remarks here because his favorite color is gold, he has blonde hair, and it just suits him in general.

~I forgot to add the baby cries in the last two pages. D'oh! So lets just note here that Adrian and Rocksi didn't wake the poor thing up to feed him, he had already just woken up.
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