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3 days later



I keep meaning to post more about character development in this comm, but keep drawing blanks. I've spread myself a bit thin lately too, which doesn't help. But really, if you'd like to see more content over here asking questions and leaving comments helps cause it's then easier to think of things to say. :) I do believe though that the little commentary bits here are helpful in revealing some of the character and world development work that's been done on Full Circle, as well as letting it come out in the story.

~Reading is Eryk's favorite way of killing time. Well, when throwing knives at things and the like isn't available. He likes dark stuff, which he considers more "realistic".

~He says "Half a Potion" here because he's already had part of it. Many mentors give their apprentices at least part of the potion to enable them to shape shift and speak in tongues, as well as to extend their life so they can take their time teaching them. Adrian is one of those mentors. Some mentors -particularly ones who really trust their apprentices- give the whole potion right away. It's easier because the potion is *nasty as hell* and people generally don't want to taste that twice. Although some will have to if they can't keep it down.

~Eryk toes! He finds it inappropriate to wear shoes in bed. Ever. You just don't put shoes on furniture when it can be avoided. That's the way Eryk thinks. Normally he'd put on shoes before going downstairs, but Rocksi's house is extremely unnaturally clean and sterile. Eryk finds this very pleasing. He didn't wear shoes on Roa either, but that was only because you'd get heat stroke in anything but the toga thing (which he hates) and his shoes would... well, look stupid with the toga thing. He's not particularly vain, but he's anti-looking stupid and for some reason wearing sandals has never occurred to him... ever.

~Adrian is loving being helpful to Rocksi. Largely because he loves being helpful in general, and also because he loves babies. He misses when his own kids were little. They're still concerned about the Hamoth problem of course, but Adrian doesn't see any reason to bother Eryk with that anymore. Better to encourage little pleasures like a plate of diced fruit. Little does he know...

Also, I know the chat box on the site is dead. We need to replace it. It doesn't get much use, so we're taking our time. We'd like to redo the whole site, and are currently giving that thought. Again I'm spread pretty thin, so thanks for your patience there!
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