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Full Circle Community

Updates, Tidbits, and So On.

The Full Circle & Character Development Community
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This is a Journal for those interested in Updates, Discussion and little extra tidbits in relation to the webcomic
Full Circle,its characters, and Character Development in general. Welcome /(^v^)\

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On the surface, Full Circle is a science-fiction fantasy about a culture of selected Immortals, their dysfunctions, past lives, interactions, and relationships, in a sort of soap-opera fashion. A pissy assassin being trained for immortality by a sweet fluffy Vegan and so on and so forth. Alien worlds, magic, true love, psychic abilities, sex, violence... all that fun stuff, and if you can guess which past life incarnations are who without looking at the Ensemble page, you get a cookie.

Underneath that, the theory that drives Full Circle is that we are not just the sum of our experiences and genetic material. Then what defines us? If two people shared the same experiences in life would they be the same person? Probably not. We are all unique, and there is something else underneath it all at each person's core.

This comic is an experiment in reincarnation and character study; an examination of personality, psychology, and karmic repercussions. It's questions about how and why people think, behave, respond to the world around them, and remain distinct individuals. When an elaborate world was wrapped around these questions, these characters were the enigmatic replies.

More about Full Circle and it's authors

This community is for anyone interested in the ideas and theories above or interests below, as well as fans of the comic itself, update announcements, and any questions. An extension of Full Circle is The Art of Character Development. More to come on that, and it's contents are up for discussion here as well as further tips and ideas. Members are encouraged to exchange advice, techniques, and ask questions about character development. :)

Anyone with an open mind is welcome. The rules are simple:

1)Respect each other.

Um... and, yeah, that's about it. Rules will be updated only if people invent reasons for more rules then that. Other then that, have fun and again, Welcome! :)

Moderated by medusasowl and salmonverse.

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